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Eleanor Clare Bundy Titova


17 Nov 1993 - 14 Jun 2021

Daniil's 300+ mile walk in memory of our dearest Ella 

On July 1st 2021, Daniil embarked on a 300+ mile walk from Ella's resting place in the Howardian Hills carrying a large backpack with his camping equipment and provisions. He went out to the Yorkshire coast and walked to Hornsea where he turned to Beverley, crossed the Humber Bridge and traversed the Lincolnshire Wolds. Because of a heatwave he had to take a bus across The Wash, the sparsely populated area between Boston and King's Lynn, from where he resumed his walk along the Norfolk coast. He got to Sheringham and turned inland towards Gresham, where they celebrated their wedding. He reached Norwich, Ella's hometown, on the morning of July the 26th, and completed his walk by arriving at the Parish of Eaton Chirst Church, where they had gotten married in April 2018. 

You can find his route displayed on a map at the bottom of this page.

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Ella Bundy Titova
An accomplished soprano and ensemble singer

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Bachelor's of Music with First Class Honours 2017

Ella was an accomplished soprano with a unique sound, and exquisite artistry. An alumni of the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Ella sang regularly with the RCS Voices Consort, appearing at such festivals as the St. Magnus International Festival in Orkney, and the Aberdeen and Edinburgh International Festivals. Notable performances with RCS Voices include Ella's role as 1st soprano in Messiaen's Cinq rechants for 12 voices, and her beautiful solos in Stanford's The Bluebird, and Tippett's Negro Spirituals.

Ella took part in workshops with British Youth Opera, and performed roles such as Dew Fairy in the RCS production of Hansel and Gretel in Orkney, and as part of the opera chorus for the RCS production of Die Fledermaus. Ella was particularly passionate about Russian repertoire, and was successful in being awarded 2nd Prize in the prestigious Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Russian Song Prize. 

In addition to Ella's solo work, Ella was a cherished and valuable member of Hazeldene Voices, an ensemble formed with her close friends and fellow sopranos, Martina Starr-Lassen, and Poppy Shotts. Ella was a talented songwriter, who played the guitar wonderfully and wrote beautiful lyrics and poetry. Ella's dad Andrew often suggested some great music that the group could perform together, and the group (who also lived together) loved to involve everyone that came for dinner in singing and music. Martina was excellent at arranging music, and rehearsing the group, and Poppy took responsibilities in organising gigs, and keeping on top of admin. Together, they formed a special group, arranging music in many genres, until they found their unique folk sound. Hazeldene were successful in becoming Live Music Now artists, giving their first performance at the National Galleries of Scotland in 2018, with a programme designed around the art on display. 

Please take the time to enjoy the recordings below of Ella as a soloist, accompanied by flute and piano, and also to enjoy a compilation video highlighting Hazeldene's many varied performances since 2018.


Ella Bundy Titova Soprano
Kristina Yorgova Piano 

Daphne - William Walton
Performed in the Ledger Recital Room, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Ella Bundy Titova Soprano
Gabriella Balog Flute 

Roussel - 2 poèmes de Ronsard, Op. 26 (1924)
Performed in the Ledger Recital Room, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

A selection of performances by Hazeldene Voices

In memory of Hazeldene Voices

Ella Bundy Titova, Martina Starr-Lassen & Poppy Shotts

Ella & Daniil's Story

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In memory of Ellochka,
by Daniil

In January 2019 Ella was first diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. It was still in our first year of marriage and we were both very scared, we couldn't believe it. Why would she have cancer?

The doctors were trying to calm us down, stating that this type of lymphoma had a very high chance of full remission. This first cycle of chemo therapy was an unknown, scary time. Ella felt sick, everything in her body felt off and there were moments when we had to rush to the hospital out of fear that her heart or lungs could collapse. She stayed strong and took the chemo heroically well. After a few months she received the all clear in the summer 2019. The chances of the cancer returning were estimated at 3%.

We felt like we returned to normal life and it had all been just a bad dream. Ella took up singing again, I was lucky enough to get viola lessons from a top pedagogue for free and life was going in the right direction.

Our honeymoon, cancelled by the first diagnosis, was postponed again due to Covid-19.
Regular checkups were suggesting the cancer didn't plan on returning. The last one of those was in May and showed no activity.
At the end of July, however, Ella started to get symptoms which were reminiscent of the ones she had before the treatment.
We didn't want to believe it but eventually were forced to check and received the bad news - relapse, stage 4.
Ella got tremendous support from her family during the first chemo and we wanted to have it for the second one, too.
The chemo was harsh, but Ella showed courage again - she didn't let the chemo stop her from enjoying her birthday and Christmas. She was lively and active and made plans and had hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Just before she was able to complete the treatment by doing a radiotherapy the cancer mutated and grew back instantly.
The chances of that happening are very very slim, so she once again was very unlucky.

She started a new chemo therapy, which combined with a pneumonia and developed into a life threatening situation. She spent 10 days in hospital, came back home for 3 and then spent 32 consecutive days in hospital again. She was fighting for her life.

The chemo didn't show any improvement in the lymphoma and so she started a new treatment - an antibody treatment, which was gentler and much more Ella's style. The chances of it working were 30%.

Her condition improved and she was eventually allowed to come home again.

The following week showed some worrying symptoms again and the scan that followed revealed that the tumour had not responded to the treatment and instead expanded over to her other lung.

Running out of options, Ella decided to have a catalyst drug - a chemo therapy - added to the antibody to enhance its effects.

It was a high risk decision, but one of the only two remaining to have a chance at a full remission.

The chemo therapy, combined with the tumour and the returning pneumonia were too much for her body to handle.

She wasn't able to breathe enough oxygen to sustain her life and there was nothing we or the doctors could do to save her.

This is probably painful to read, and it is also painful to write, but there is something we can do, now.

We can help those who will be in this exact situation, and we can save them from the same fate that befell us.

We need to make the treatment more effective, we need to fight against this cancer. We need to defeat it.

Ella was the bravest soul I have ever come across and ever will. She fought with every little bit of strength she could muster. She was incredible. She never gave up. She was always kind.

Lymphoma defeated her body, but her soul remained unaffected. She was stronger than the cancer and was smiling even in her last hours.

Not many people will have this inner strength, and lymphoma will not only attack and defeat their body, but also their spirit. They need a better future, a better treatment, better prospects and chance at life.

For them I will fight.

In remembrance of an angel of a person, my dear Ellochka.


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